English and American Literature



The characteristics of the Department of English and American Literature is that it empirically develops analysis and commentary on English and American literature built on sound understanding of the latest theories of literary criticism theory and their history. From the standpoint of the intersection of literary nature and the historical nature of literature, the questions toward the gap between literacy text and non-literacy text, non-historical events and literature's leaving association with politics, the department tried to extract various aspects of human recognition of authors, literary works and historical context to explore the status of intellect in the western countries.
The basic requirement of graduate students is detailed reading. In the Master's course, each student will undergo strict examination on how they critique literature. Reevaluation will be done for each student as to their academic attitude on what had been learned to satisfy each condition. Although the current staff at the department specializes in English literature, students are free to choose to study American literature. We do not discriminate against applicants based on their research interest and do not hesitate to work with our students in order to explore the intellectual horizon. The doctoral course's aim is to obtain a Ph.D., thus strict instruction will be provided individually to students based on the research program. Originality of the proposal, comparative examination of neighboring fields, overall consistency in the thesis structure and defendability of the proposal will all be discussed thoroughly until they are satisfied.

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