French Literature



In the Department of French Literature, literature, language, thought and culture of the Francophonie are the principle subjects. The department actively interacts with foreign students and researchers around the world and aims to conduct high-standard research internationally. However, the department does not intend to create a narrow-minded "specialist" in La rebelion de las masas by Jose Ortega y Gasset, but emphasizes research that springs from self-questioning for life and open discussion while learning linguistic culture as a part of humanistic studies.
Professor Kazuhiro Matsuzawa focuses on the theories of genesis in reference to the creation process and analyzes manuscripts of French modern writers such as Gustave Flaubert, and also those of Ferdinand de Saussure, a linguistic philosopher. His research also extends to manuscripts of Japanese writers such as Kenji Miyazawa. Lately, his research extends to modernism in literature, arts, and overall social thought.
Associate Professor Yasue Kato is an expert in research of Proust's manuscripts with emphasis on the text regarding Elstir, the artist character. In the graduate school, this year, she is trying to examine general French literature through reading outlines of stylistics.
Dr. Claire Fauvercue focuses attention on the concept of anxiety by placing emphasis on writings by Diderot, who represents the French philosophy of the enlightenment and examines its relations with works done by Leibniz.

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