Indian Studies



Department of Indian studies aims to understand the cultural phenomena of South Asia with a focus on India. Primary emphasis is placed on Indian philosophical and religious thought such as six schools of Hindu philosophy and Buddhism; however we also encourage studying other subjects like Sanskrit literature and Paninian grammar.

While the main focus of research is on philological studies, i.e., interpretation of texts written in classical languages such as Sanskrit, Pali, and Tibetan, we pay due attention to the results of other related field of studies such as philosophy, science of religion, anthropology, linguistics, and art history.

The department provides an international environment to students and has welcomed students from overseas for many years. The publication by the department, Nagoya Studies in Indian Culture and Buddhism: Saṃbhāṣā, has been the leading journal on Indian studies in Japan written in English. Every year the department invites scholars from abroad to give their lectures and presentations and we actively exchange ideas with them. The department also encourages our students to study overseas. Since Nagoya University engages in an academic exchange program with the University of Pune, many students have studied in India.

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