Japanese Culture

Japanese Culture Studies was established in April 2003 as a part of the General Human Studies program. It emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach and places great importance on the inter-relationship between different social aspects, such as politics, economics, culture and language, in order to obtain general and historical ideas on the characteristics of Japan and its relationship with other countries. Six staff members are responsible for this department and specialize in the following subjects: Japanese medieval base culture; history of modern Japanese social economy and culture; history of Japanese modern literature and culture; Japanese language culture and history; Japanese classic literature and ancient culture; and film culture and history. This course of study covers the period from ancient to modern Japan. The academic level of each area is very high and a diversified course structure provides students with innovative and creative research reciprocally. Many graduate students participating in this course of study are from other universities or from other countries. We value their diversified backgrounds and strive for further development of their individuality while helping them to gain specialized knowledge and research strategies. We also hold joint seminars in order to cultivate a student's comprehensive and interdisciplinary perspectives in relevant academic areas.
In 2005, we began offering opportunities to interact with foreign researchers, team teaching classes (classes are taught by two instructors as a team) and special seminars taught by guest researchers.

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