Oriental History



This department was founded by Kiyoyoshi Utsunomiya and emphasizes the study of Chinese history. After Yoshihiro Hatano, Michio Tanigawa and Masao Mori succeeded Utsunomiya, the status of the department for Chinese history study elevated. Since Shinji Shigematsu started leading this department, its characteristic as a hub of South Asian history studies has grown stronger. Four staff members are currently responsible for this department. Chinese history is taught by Professor Haruki Emura and Professor Susumu Inoue; Southeast Asian History is taught by Associate Professor Kumiko Kato and Associate Professor Kenichiro Hayashi; Masahiko Mita, Assistant Professor of the Graduate School, is also assisting with South Asian history study.
This department has maintained the same academic culture since its establishment by Utsunomiya. Part of this culture involves a spirit of freedom in which students are required to demonstrate their independence. Another is striving to study history that pertains to humankind. However, this will be based on a student's ability to establish a strong foundation in the ability to read and precisely understand historical materials. Therefore, most class time is devoted to developing such abilities.
In the Master's course, the emphasis is on writing a thesis. Students receive individualized instruction and also participate in self-motivating study groups. In the Doctoral course, students work to publish their paper in a scholarly journal prior to completion of their Doctoral theses. Students in this department have been publishing the "Nagoya University, Oriental History Studies Report" every year since 1972, and have also been encouraged to post their paper in journals published by other academic organizations. The department also encourages and assists students with study abroad. Countries in which students of this department have studied include China, Thailand, India and England.

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