World History



The full-time teaching staff of this department is composed of four members that specialize in classic archaeology/ancient Greek history, European early medieval history, American colonial history and 20th Century German history. In addition to the basic study methodology of empirical research of historical materials, this department provides students customized instruction based on each student's academic culture and recent trends within their major field of study. More than half of the students are from other universities or other graduate schools of Nagoya University. This is partly because of the department's culture that invites and respects free and vigorous discussion. The department also provides opportunities for international academic exchanges including hosting lectures and workshops by eminent foreign historians in order to expose students to the proper etiquette of international academia.
We believe that this department provides a well-balanced education with four staff members to cover entire historical periods (ancient, medieval, early modern and modern), and for each course to maintain the highest research and educational level among universities in Japan. Our goal is to provide students with appropriate instruction tailored to their personality and interests. Though we value each student's individuality, this never means leaving them unattended. We strive to intrinsically examine a student's research subjects in order to pin down problems and give appropriate advice. We also hold a joint seminar every other week in which all the staff members and students of the department get together. This provides students with the opportunity not only to study their major subject, but also to give them a broader view of world history.

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Titles of Prior Master's Theses:

Guzme Society in Migration Era; Cooperative Union Activities in England at the Turn of the Century; Suomi heraa - Inspiring Nationalism; De-Christianizing Aspect in Will - Case Study of 18th Century Parish in Paris; Human Characteristics represented by the Seal in Minoan Civilization; Settlement and Polis Establishment in Pre-classical Greece; Widows in Anglo-Saxon Society; Real Estate Leases in 17th Century London - Analysis of Fire Litigation; Monastery Serviium regis in Northern Hessen during Late 10th through early 11th Century; Formation of Polis and Sanctuary - Relationship between Athens and Delos; German Younger Generation Culture in Wilhelm Era; French Royal Authority and High Court of Justice in Late 16th Century - Royal Decree and Rights of High Court, etc.

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