Languages are an intimate part of human activity. Linguistics involves the systematic study of languages and includes various areas of studies such as philosophy, logic, psychology, cognitive science, information engineering and sociology. Although it is said that there are 6,000 languages in the world, there must be some sort of universality since all humans speak one of those languages. One of the challenges of linguistics is to seek out such universality; that is, the essence of human languages.
The staff of this department consists of only two members: Professor Machida and Associate Professor Sakuma. It is not easy to cover this broad academic field with such limited resources. However, this department performs a vital role as the hub of linguistics studies in Japan since there are not many graduate schools that provide Master's and Doctoral programs in linguistics. Therefore, the department emphasizes teaching linguistic theory and strives to foster young researchers and advanced language experts who possess the required skills to be able to thoroughly analyze linguistic facts using theoretical proof.
We value a student's self-initiative. Students are expected to carry on their own research in or outside of the school, including studying abroad. This department also welcomes students from foreign countries such as Korea, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Turk and Egypt.

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