The main research area of this department is Western philosophy. In the study of philosophy, because issues from the past may reappear, what one chooses to research is not important. Each student chooses whoever or whatever s/he would like to study and then develops it into a specialized study. The importance is to study a selected subject deeply and systematically and foster skill to be able to draw conclusions from the effort. We recommend students examine original materials created by great philosophers and follow the paths they developed with heart and soul. Philosophy is a great human intellectual asset with a long tradition. In accordance with this belief, the department helps students to read and understand original philosophical materials and to gain sufficient skills to stand on their own feet as researchers and, in the ultimate sense, as decent human beings. Students will develop their ability to think and discuss by attending seminars and lectures and by reporting and discussing various subjects. The goal of a student in the Master's Program is to digest the theme that s/he selected and write a Master's thesis. The thinking power and discussion technique gained during this process will be a precious asset in the future. Also, if pursuing further education through the Doctoral program, the effort gained during the Master's Program will help students with their presentation at an academic conference and with writing their Doctoral thesis. We are proud that those who previously studied in these programs, both who ended their education after the Master's Program and those who proceeded to Doctoral Program, have gone on to become contributing members of society.

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