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Modern Japanese and East Asian History


Designated Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters


Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

MA University of Sheffield

BA Earlham College

[Research Interests]

Modern Japanese history, regional and transnational histories, intellectual history, Tohoku studies, nationalism(s).
Food history, dietetics and nutrition, educational history.

[Classes Taught]

Liberal Arts Seminar (Spring 2015) (Fall 2015)
Basic Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences: History (Fall 2014)

221 Introduction to Japanese History (Spring 2016 (Intensive))
621 Modern Japanese History (Fall 2014) (Spring 2016 (Intensive))
622 Japanese Culture and Asia (Spring 2015) (Fall 2016)
721 East Asia in World History (Spring 2015)
722 New Perspectives on Modern Japanese History (Fall 2015)

921 Graduate Seminar: Modern Japanese cultural history I
922 Graduate Seminar: Modern Japanese cultural history II
923 Graduate Seminar: Modern Japanese cultural history III
924 Graduate Seminar: Modern Japanese cultural history IV

[Academic Professional Experience]

Nagoya University Designated Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters (2014-present)

Yale University Postdoctoral Associate, Council on East Asian Studies (2013-2014)

Grinnell College Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chinese and Japanese (2012-2013)

University of Pennsylvania Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. of History (2012), Dept. of East Asian Languages & Civilizations (2009-2011)

Community College of Philadelphia Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. of Anthropology (2010-2011)

Iwate University Adjunct Lecturer, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (2002-2005)

Fuji University Lecturer, Dept. of Economics (1999-2001)

[Selected Publications]

Hopson, Nathan. Ennobling the Savage Northeast: Tōhoku as Japanese Postwar Thought, 1945-2011. Harvard University Asia Center (Forthcoming, 2017).

"People and Nations are Built on Food: The Imperial Government Institute for Nutrition and the Origins of School Feeding in Japan." Journal of Japanese Studies (under review)

------. "Henkyō, The Universal Japanese Frontier (An Interpretation)." Verge: Studies in Global Asias, no. 4.1 (Forthcoming, Spring 2018).

------. "'Fake Food: Authentic Japanese Product'--On the Rise of Visuality in Middlebrow Japanese Culinary Culture." Gastronomica (under review)

------. "Peace for Our Time?--The 1937 Nagoya Pan-Pacific Peace Exhibition." Japanese Studies (under review).

Sasakawa Norikatsu. "The Trial of An Chunggŭn: A comparison of An and Immanuel Kant." In Peace in the East: An Chunggŭn and Asia in the Age of Empires, edited by Eugene Park and Tae-Jin Yi, translated by Nathan Hopson. (Forthcoming).

Yamamuro, Shin'ichi. "On the Philosophical Context and Possibilities of An Chunggŭn's Unfinished Treatise on Peace in the East." In Peace in the East: An Chunggŭn and Asia in the Age of Empires, edited by Eugene Park and Tae-Jin Yi, translated by Nathan Hopson. (Forthcoming).

Hopson, Nathan. " Christopher Noss' Tohoku and "Survey of Rural Fukushima": Portraits of Tōhoku a Century Before March 11, 2011." Asian Cultural Studies, no. 42 (March, 2016).

------. "Rev. Christopher Noss: A Century before Fukushima Daiichi." Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society Newsletter 38, no. 3 (Fall 2015).

------. 2014a. "Takahashi Tomio's Henkyō: Eastern Easts and Western Wests." Nichibunken Japan Review, no. 27 (2014): 141-170.

------. 2014b. "Takahashi Tomio's Phoenix: Recuperating Hiraizumi, 1950-71." Journal of Japanese Studies 40 (2): 353-77.

------. 2014c. "The Transparency of the Quotidian: Whither Japan?" Yale Journal of International Affairs, Winter 2014.

------. 2013a. "Sengo shisō to shite no Tōhoku: Takahashi Tomio o chūshin ni." In Gurōbaruka no naka no Nihonshizō: Chōki no 19 seiki, edited by Namikawa Kenji and Kawanishi Hidemichi. Iwata Shoin.

------. 2013b. "Systems of Irresponsibility and Japan's Internal Colony." Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus 11 (52).


CV (2017.03)


I'm a contributor and occasional guest poster on the Language Log linguistics blog hosted by the University of Pennsylvania.
Recent posts include:

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I even write about dog names and post cat videos (and write about them):

"'Dog' in Japanese: 'inu' and 'ken'" Language Log, December 17, 2016.
"I am a cat?" Language Log, August 19, 2016.

I occasionally post about "poop" and amnesia:

"Poop" Language Log, February 18, 2017.
"Particle Amnesia" Language Log, January 17, 2017.

Most importantly, I'm (apparently) an expert on (the word) Pokémon...