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MA Ran

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Film Studies


Associate Professor


The University of Hong Kong (PhD)
The University of Amsterdam (MA in Film Studies)
Yunnan University (MA in World Literature & Comparative Literature)
Yunnan University (BA in Chinese Language & Literature)

Research interests

Asian independent cinema and film movements
Digital filmmaking and activism in China
Film festival studies, network of grassroots film festivals; event, city and film festival
Urbanization, cultural policies and participatory art projects in East Asian cities
Globalization and "shanzhai" or illegitimate, knock-off culture in Greater China
Transmedial, cross-disciplinary interconnections between film studies, media studies and contemporary art

Teaching classes


Professional experience

September 2011-September 2013
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University, Japan
G-COE Young Special Researcher, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University, Japan


"Regarding Grassroots Chinese Independent Film Festivals", China's Igeneration: Cinema and Moving Image Culture for the Twenty-first Century, eds. Matthew D. Johnson, Yu Tianqi, Luke Vulpiani & Keith Wagner, Continuum 2014 (forthcoming)
"Departing From Songzhuang: Interviews with Chinese Independent Documentary Filmmakers Feng Yan & Wang Wo", Asian Cinema, Issue 24.1, 2013
"Truth, Myth, Clichés: the 9th Beijing Independent Film Festival", Senses of Cinema, Issue 65, December 2012
<http://sensesofcinema.com/2012/festival-reports/truth-myths-and-cliches-the-9th-beijing-independent-film-festival/ >
"Disremembering Shanghai, Celebrating The International: The Curious Case Of Shanghai International Film Festival", Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research, Shanghai Special Issue, eds. Justin O'Connor and Xin Gu, Volume 4, Article 8, 2012, p147-168
"獨立兩生花:國際電影節視野中的香港與中國大陸獨立電影" (Independently Different: To Examine Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese Independent Filmmaking Against The Critical Terrain of International Film Festival Circuit),尋找香港電影的獨立景觀(In Pursuit of Independent Visions in Hong Kong Cinema), eds. Esther MK Cheung, Joint Publishing, Hong Kong, October, 2010, p300-312
"國際電影節視野中的香港獨立電影"(Regarding Hong Kong Independent Filmmaking On The Global Film Festival Circuit ) , 《藝術評論》 (Art Criticism), Vol 4. 2010, 中國藝術研究院(China Art Academy), p38-45
"Rethinking Festival Film: Urban Generation Chinese Cinema on the Film Festival Circuit", eds. Dina Iordanova with Ragan Rhyne, Film Festival Yearbook 1: The Festival Circuit, St Andrews Film Studies, the University of St Andrews, St Andrews, 2009, p116-135
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"多國語言與藝術想像--以邱金海三部曲為例談新加坡當代電影"(The Multilingual and Artistic Imaginery--To Approach Contemporary Singaporean Cinema From Eric Khoo's Film Trilogy), 《藝術評論》(Art Criticism), Vol 7. 2009, 中國藝術研究院(China Art Academy), p39-46


"Screening Space" (English & Chinese) Editor & Contributor, DSL CineMag, Vol.1, DSL Collections, April 2012

Renzaodiyu: canyuxing yishu yu guanzhe de zhengzhixing by Claire Bishop (Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship), Beijing: Beepub, in progress

"Chapter 3,6 & 7" by Rascaroli, Laura. Trans with Hong Jiachun & Gao Dan, Sirende Sheyingji:zhuguan dianying yu sanwen dianying (The Personal Camera: Subjective Cinema And The Essay Film), eds. Yu Tianqi & Dong Bingfeng, Beijing: Beepub, forthcoming


Academic membership

Society Of Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS)
Chinese Film Festival Studies Research Network (sponsored by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council)
Film Festival Research Network (FFRN)